Up, In, Out

At Living Waters, we're about relationships.  We believe God has created our church to help people develop three types of relationships: up (knowing God), in (growing together), and out (reaching out).  Here's a little more about each:

  • Up (knowing God) - We believe that people are created to be in relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Through events (like worship services) and personal practices (like prayer and scripture) we develop our relationship with God further.
  • In (growing together) - God's people are not meant to be alone.  At Living Waters, everyone is encouraged to be involved in a ConnectGroup, where you will learn more about how to inspire and support each other to grow in faith.
  • Out (reaching out) - The Holy Spirit calls us and equips us to share our faith with others.  We are committed to sharing the hope we have found in God with the world around us.