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KidsConnect 2020 - 2021

KidsConnect is Living Water's Children's ministry program for 3 year old - 5th Grade. Its a time for your kids to connect with God and with others!  We connect through bible stories, crafts, games and songs. 

During this time of unknown what we do we do know is the importance of Faith Formation. Now more than ever our kids need to hear God's Promises and feel the power of God's Love.

With that said the health and safety of our families is our number one concern. So for the months of September of October KidsConnect will start with KidsConnect in a Box. (More information on the following months to come at a later date)

KidsConnect in a Box is a monthly box that you will receive in September & October. It has minimal to no screen time required (that's up to you!) Quick activities you can do anytime with supplies provided along with support materials for the parents to encourage and empower you to have conversations about faith in your home! (You don't have to have all the answers... no one does!)

Cost: $30

  (Your $30 registration includes a box of activities each month, tailored to your child/ren's age to help them grow in faith and hear, explore God's Good News!)

Discount: As programs open up, we will be in need of volunteers. If you volunteer to help lead a small group 2x a month (or more) when KidsConnect resumes in person - cost is $15/child. 

Use discount code VOL2020.

Other ideas to stay connected!

Here are a couple other ways for you to connect with us during this time! 

  • Worship Online & Outdoor! 

    Every Sunday at 10AM and Wednesday at 6PM you can join us for worship on Facebook Live. You don't need Facebook to join us and you don't have to join right at those times, the videos will stay on the page once the service is over.


    Every Sunday at 10AM (Weather Pending) you are welcome to join us outside at Living Waters for an outdoor worship! Bring your own Lawn chair or blanket!  More information on regulations we are following for the health and safety of everyone can be found on our Facebook page. 

  • Download the Parent Cue APP!

    Our lives are busy. As parents, we want to prioritize our children. We want to do everything we can to invest in them relationally, to guide them developmentally and to help them grow in their faith in Christ. But it’s just so easy to get caught up in the urgent day-to-day business of life.

    Every parent has 936 weeks of influence from the time their child is born until they graduate. Parent Cue helps you count the weeks and connects you with practical things to read, do or say to help you engage with the heart of your child this week. Designed for parents of babies through high schoolers, these prompts will come in the form of videos and things to talk about in the morning, at meal time or while you are cuddling with your toddler or driving in the car. Each week there’s even a Phase Cue to help you understand the developmental phase your child is in today.

    936 weeks. You don’t want to miss a single one.

    Click here for more information and to download!